About Us

Brooklyn and I were pleased to have the opportunity to attend a seminar with Robin Ratcliff in Waverly, MO. The seminar was educational and fun. The main focus was gait and she nailed the topic. Robin taught us hand position, foot placement and overall equitation. Once we were able to demonstrate that she taught us other fun things. Horse soccer was one of them. She showed us how to present the huge ball to our horses. However, playing with a team of horses and people was challenging but fun. It taught us how to overcome large objects on our horses and to play with a team. We also learned how to run poles timing our turns to be as tight as possible without knocking down the poles. This taught us how to use our body in sync with the horse. We learned how to partner with our horse. This will benefit all riders with any event whether we are showing a horse or trail riding. So we would like to give a big thanks to Robin for all she has taught us and for making the trip one of the best!

Brooklyn and Madison Terstriep - Goddard, Kansas