About Us

On October 23rd and 24th of 2015, we had the opportunity to participate in a gaited horse clinic given by Robin Ratliff in Waverly, Missouri. We rode our paso finos and thoroughly enjoyed the clinic. Robin was very clear and gave excellent directions. She adapted her instruction to fit the ability of each rider. The information that she gave helped us sit correctly on our horses which, in turn, improved their performance in each gait. Robin assessed the potential of the two horses we were riding. Critiques were given with sensitivity. We appreciated her honesty.

Robin was not only an effective instructor. She displayed a sense of humor which helped us relax and enjoy the ride! In addition to working on our horses’ gaits, we had fun with pole bending, sounding board, and figure eights.

We are thankful that we had the opportunity to work with Robin Ratliff and recommend her highly.

Harley and Janet Broers
Paso Finos del Sabana
Prairie View Farm